Freedom Horses

Success Stories

Flowers for you“I just wanted to try and express to you what an incredible experience this morning was. I have a lot of concerns or worries on me right now and seem to be more or less shutting down because of not knowing how to handle all of my problems and the constant drama…. I was feeling as if nothing could help me let alone riding a horse; but it turned out to be so much more than simply riding... Tammy is an extraordinary person who immediately made me feel comfortable as she took me over and introduced me to Memphis, the sweetest, smartest horse I have ever seen, she taught me to brush him and then how to saddle and rein him, all the while tending to her own horse, Handsome and he is! Tammy taught me in such a way I did not feel as if I was being taught, never correcting me in a way that might make me feel inferior. I'm not sure how she did it, but when she was finished, I could saddle and rein my own horse, which may not seem much to anyone else but to me was extraordinary because not one time during the entire process had I once thought of any of my problems! Then we began to ride …as I listened to Tammy I found myself wanting to learn as much as i could to make it as easy on Memphis as possible. I had a true respect and trust for him that I had never had for any other animal. I'm hoping to be asked back because of the wonderful feeling I came away with and I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the people who made this possible. I have never had such an experience and certainly would this experience.

Thank you all again, and you are on the right track with this and I feel it will benefit many”. Sarah