Freedom Horses

Committee Bios

    Betsi BixbyBetsi Bixby had the concept for Freedom Horses in her heart for months before this program took shape. As a volunteer ladies bible study leader at her church since 2001, she's witnessed the devastating effect of abuse, sometimes many decades past the actual events. She has a passion for horses as well as helping women. Betsi has been a business owner since 1991 and a former banker prior to founding her company Meridian Associates. She moved to her small ranch in Weatherford, TX in 2000 and married her husband Nick in 2004. Nick's family are all survivors so the issue hits close to home. She is praying that Freedom Horses will stretch first across America and eventually across the globe to bring hope and healing; courage, compassion and confidence to survivors; and inspire prevention that eventually impacts the source.

    Mary Lou Curry Domestic Violence Program Coordinator at Freedom House. I have been at Freedom House for Almost 10 years in various capacities, but have been somewhat involved with the agency since its inception in 1995. I live with my daughter and 2 grandsons, the joys of my life. I have been in school, business, real estate, oil and gas and pharmaceuticals during my career, but Freedom House is my passion. I love working with the clients and the many programs we have developed. It has been very exciting to see the progress Freedom House has made over the years and look forward to being involved with another avenue for our clients to grow and heal as they look forward to brighter and successful

    Robin BowserRobin Bowser knew when she heard about Freedom Horses that she had to be a part of something special. Being a survivor herself and also having a love for horses, she knows what the horse can do to build confidence and self-esteem. She has personally trained her own horses and loves to ride the trails. Robin moved to Weatherford, TX in 2002 after marrying her husband David. They started a very small ranch, but enjoy the country life. Robin says, "I pray that this program will grow to be a tremendous tool to give freedom to hurting victims of abuse all across the U.S."

    Selma JohnsonSelma Johnson is the S.A.P.I. P. Coordinator (Sexual Assault Prevention Intervention Program) for Freedom House. For the last 40 years Selma served as a minister to children, women and adults for some of the largest churches in the U.S.  She is a public speaker for all types of women’s groups and formed Kaleidoscope Paths ministry. Selma is excited and passionate about how Freedom Horses will be a blessing to abused victims.  As Selma puts it, "she is still helping people but now in another important.

    Julie MoellerJulie Moeller  is a 7th generation Texan with the heart of the pioneer women she's descended from.  Julie teaches digital publishing classes at Weatherford College and first heard about Freedom Horses from one of her students, Tammy Sronce.  She was lucky to get to know this amazing young lady and about her work with Freedom Horses.  Julie was eager to offer her creative and technical skills to further promote Freedom Horses and thrilled when they accepted.  Julie says, "I am proof, you don't have to know much about horses to see how special this program is.  I am pleased to do anything that I can to help it flourish and grow.  It would be grand to see Freedom Horses sites in every state.  Every victim deserves a wonderful way to heal and rebuild courage and strength of spirit." 

    Tammy SronceTammy Sronce, is originally from Australia and now resides in Weatherford, Texas. She is a Multiple World and National Champion CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Assoc.) Cowgirl and has trained and competed in timed events nationwide. Tammy is the Marketing Director for the American Competitive Trail Horse Association and the host of the Western Radio Show, an online podcast part of the Horse Radio Network, Texas Shooting Horses. Tammy says, "I am so proud to be involved with Freedom Horses. Horses have given me strength, courage and compassion throughout my entire life...and that's everything Freedom Horses is about. There is nothing better for my heart than being able to share my love of horses with others and being able to have a positive impact on a person's life. The horse has changed my life and I want to share that journey with others."